Prioritizing Student Success

  • Expand enrollment in quality early education programs
  • Emphasize early identification of both giftedness and learning difficulties
  • Provide opportunities for students of all ages and all abilities to participate in hands-on learning
  • Teach life skills
  • Offer a rich and varied curriculum that supports the development of the whole child

Implementing Common-sense School Safety Protocols

  • Restrict the carrying of firearms on school grounds to specially-trained sworn law enforcement officers
  • Increase school counselor allocations
  • Implement equitable and effective school disciplinary measures
  • Provide a nurturing and respectful environment
  • Forge strong partnerships between schools and community stakeholders to address issues of traffic safety and neighborhood violence

Reinvesting in Quality Neighborhood Schools

  • Introduce forward-thinking academic programs consistent with the community’s projected needs
  • Implement strict transparency and accountability protocols regarding school discipline
  • Pursue joint use agreements that open school grounds for community enrichment and recreational purposes
  • Encourage recruitment and retention of top-quality teachers and non-instructional personnel by providing nationally competitive compensation
  • Increase parental and community engagement in school activities and policy discussions